Get to know your camera

Whether you use a state-of-the-art DSLR or your phone camera, chances are you don't know all that it can do. Learn to use the features and buttons with confidence.  

Have more time to take photos. Stop wasting time figuring out what settings to use. 

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Know Your


Learn to use your camera to its fullest

Is it time to move past the Auto Mode? Are you ready to take control of your images? When is it better to use aperture mode vs speed mode? What effect will the different modes have on the quality of your image? If you are puzzled by the features and functions of your DSLR I can help.


Learn how to use the camera you always have with you

Today's smartphone have built in cameras. From a wide array of apps to the hidden features in the phone camera, great shots can be made with your phone. It is the one camera you always have with you and likely one that you use frequently. Get the best shots possible by learning a few simple tricks and edits.


What gear is essential?

Don't want to spend a fortune yet want to have what is essential? Photography can be very expensive, yet with a few low cost alternatives you can get the results you want.

In order to learn your camera, the best place to start is by using it. With coaching you can learn to expand your skills and understanding.  In a one or two hour session you should be able to know what setting and functions to apply with confidence.