Help from Youtube

Anything anyone needs to know is likely to be in a video posted to Youtube.  In my case, I needed help to build my website.  As mentioned in the previous post, I did a great deal of research to find the tools I needed to make my website.  Once I narrowed down my options and made my choices, the real work began. A few years ago, one had to know coding in order to create a robust, interactive website. Now all one really needs to know is how to find information and how to follow a tutorial.  Sounds easy, and it is. Yet like all things there are ways that make a process more fluid. For me it works best if I follow a tutorial by doing exactly (or nearly) what the instructor is doing.  One thing that really helps is to have another screen for viewing your video.  It does not need to be attached to your computer. You can use a tablet or even a smartphone to play the video while you work on your desktop. If you do not have another screen, making the windows small and next to each other will work too. There are hundreds of WordPress tutorials.  The one that I used was made by a young man named Josh Jackson going by the handle wpSculptor. The tutorial I followed was Make a Custom Website with WordPress - Elementor Page Builder! A big thank you to Josh for making and posting this tutorial.  I hope my website does him proud!